Plants Your Cat Will Love

With Spring upon us, some of you green-fingered folks may be starting to think about what you can plant this year. Have you thought about planting something both you and your cat can enjoy?

Many common houseplants are toxic to our feline friends, but there are some plants you can buy specifically for your cat's enjoyment. These so-called "cat herbs" are a perfectly safe and enriching treat for your feline friend, and can be grown inside or outside provided you've got enough sunlight.

Planting such flora can provide your cat with enrichment; hours of entertainment (for you and your cat) and most of these will also give your pet some added health benefits too!

Catnip (Nepeta Cataria)

An obvious choice, catnip actually only affects two thirds of adult cats. A scent found on the surface of the leaves is released when broken, resulting in an excitable, playful and sometimes sleepy response that lasts around 15 minutes.

Cat Grass (Dactylitis Glomerata)

Cats often eat plants to aid with digestion and the removal of furballs, so a pot of cat grass is just another way you can help keep your cat healthy. You can often buy cat grass in pet stores, as grow-it-yourself kits and at garden centres.

Cat Mint (Nepeta Mussini)

Beautiful purple flower spikes are a hallmark of this feline-friendly herb that's closely related to catnip. The effects are similar too, producing a scent that most cats will want to rub against and chew on.

Cat Thyme (Teucrium Marum)

A close relative of germander, cat thyme produces a musty, aromatic and at times pungent scent that results in similar effects to catnip. Some cats prefer cat thyme to catnip, so if yours doesn't seem to respond then cat thyme might be worth a grow.

As always, be careful when adding new plants, always take the time to check and double check what garden items can be poisonous or toxic to your pet. For more information on this poisons in the garden, click here.