The Benefits of Desexing your pet

There are many benefits to desexing your furry friend.

Health benefits:

  • Reduction in the risk of cancers
  • Prevention of infections
  • Prevention of false pregnancies
  • Reduction in the risk of some serious disease, such as prostatic infection & perineal hernia.

Social benefits:

  • Reduction in territorial behaviour
  • Reduction in noisy calling behaviour 
  • Reduction in anti-social behaviour
  • Reduction in wandering

Financial benefits:

  • Prevention of costs associated with assistance at birthing, such as a caesarean.
  • Avoidance of costs associated with the serious medical diseases.
  • Desexing your pet also entitles you to a discount on your council registration.

If you would like to know more about desexing your pet phone our clinic on  (03) 6424 2495.