Simon Victor - Spreyton Vet Clinic Cat

Oh Simon you are just perfect,
Is a phrase that is now said all too often amongst the staff at Spreyton Veterinary Services since the arrival of our very first clinic kitten… Simon. He was brought into the clinic after hours earlier this month by two lovely ladies that had seen him be hit by a car. While he seemed unscathed by the hit and run, he was given some pain relief and left to sleep off the huge headache that he was certain to have.

The nurse on call sent a group message to all staff explaining the circumstance and the unknown temperament of said kitten. The next morning the clinic was filled with meows demanding attention and at which point it was determined that he was not feral but had been dumped in the nearby bush land (there was a litter, but the ladies could only catch Simon due to him being mowed down by a car. The staff quickly fell in love with this gorgeous black and white kitten that demanded attention 95% of the time (the other 5% was for sleeping). During this time Mia, our mental health first aid officer had begun her online learning modules regarding the topic and seemed that it was only fair that Simon remains at the clinic due to his ability to boost the mood of all staff. Surprisingly, it took little to no encouragement to get Anita (our fabulous practice manager) to agree and thus Simon was crowned the clinic cat