Meet Squeaky the goat with a bloat

Squeaky came to the clinic with severe bloat, had not been eating and hadn’t defecated for about 24 hours.  He was very lethargic and wanted to lay down all the time.

Squeaky’s owner informed us that he had access to green apples and numerous other fruit trees.  His abdomen was tight and painful.  After taking x-rays of the abdomen, it was found that the rumen (first stomach) was filled with gas and fluid.  An abdominal tap revealed rumen content but not peritonitis.

An instrument called a Trachar was placed into the rumen and relieved some gas and fluid, but did not release pressure. An exploratory Laparotomy was performed and found an excessive amount of grain and fermenting content.

Squeaky was admitted overnight and kept on surgical fluids.  He was discharged the following day and given some anti-inflammatory pain relief for 5 days. Squeaky is happily playing with his brother and has been removed from free range fruit trees. Goats do make great pets, but a restricted diet is essential.