Meet Butternut

Butternut is a beautiful 5-year-old long haired cat. He came in for his routine vaccination. Whilst he was having his check up the vet found he required a dental. He stayed in and had a pre anaesthetic blood test, a full general anaesthetic and his teeth thoroughly examined as well as a scale and polish. Whilst he was already having a blood test his owners decided to run have a Feline Immunodeficiency Virus test done, to confirm he was negative or positive, as he is an outside cat.  

His test came back negative, which meant he could be vaccinated against catching the disease. He recovered very well from his general anaesthetic and all his bloods were within normal ranges. Butternut’s owners signed him up to our Best for Pet program. This meant he got his initial vaccination, checkup, wellness blood profile and the remainder of vaccinations FREE! His parents also got a discount on his FIV blood test and $250 off a dental procedure. These are just a some of the many benefits Butternut’s parents will receive annually with the Best for Pet program. If you would like to find out more about the Best for Program, speak to our friendly team next time you’re in clinic.