Meet Jiminy Cricket

“Jiminy Cricket", a miniature foal of only one week old, presented to us with a constantly weeping eye.


This had turned cloudy and on examination had a deep corneal ulcer on the surface of the eye.

Treatment has included topical application to the eye of serum every two hours for the first 24 hours, and continued every four to six hours over the next few days.

Serum is the clear liquid component of blood that is visible after letting a blood sample sit still for a while (the red blood cells sink to the bottom of the tube). To get this serum we took whole blood from Jiminy then sucked up the clear serum once the blood had separated.

We also started him on a triple-antibiotic cream to apply to the eye four times a day to prevent further infection of the eye whilst the ulcer heals.
Eyes have a normal population of mixed bacteria around them but


especially when the eye is ulcerated, these bacteria can get in and cause further damage and prolong healing.