Checkers Dental Check

Checkers, a gorgeous Australian Shepherd, came in for a free dental check in August durng Dental Awareness Month. During this routine check we found she had broken a piece off her carnassial tooth, which exposed the pulp. The carnassial tooth is the largest tooth and is used for tearing and cracking. They are mainly broken by dogs chewing large leg bones, sticks and stones. Checker's tooth had died, which was apparent as it was becoming discoloured. If the tooth was left it would eventually become infected, causing a tooth root abscess. In discussions with Checker's owner, it was decided the tooth would need to be removed.

The procedure:

  1. First of all a gingival flap was made. This is where the gum is pulled back to expose the bone and tooth roots.
  2. The tooth was then sectioned into three. The carnassial tooth has three roots and therefore needs to be divided into three sections to be removed. 
  3. Once all the sections are removed the gum is then sutured back together.

The gum is sensitive and does tear easily, so Checkers went home on a soft food diet that consisted of small chicken pieces. She also went home on anti-inflammatories and pain relief to keep her comfortable. 

Checkers owner reports she is doing great!